Retrospective Q3 2020

Published: 2020-10-03 | tags: retro

Here’s how the quarter went.

O1: Make sense of data on errors and find ways to prevent them

This OKR has been frustrating and not very rewarding. It has changed shape a few times and the observable result of it might just be a few more lines of documentation in Confluence. I have learned a bit more about care-taking, the name we give to the activity of the one team member that each week, in a rotation, fields questions and maintains the systems’ health while the rest of the team pushes on the development.

O2. Grasp Elixir

The book Elixir in Action never reached my desk. Not the best of the excuses, but not the worst. Halfway through the quarter I started meeting once a week with other readers of Real-Time Phoenix, which has been motivating and fruitful. It is a very hard book though and we’re still on chapter 5 (and personally I’m on chapter 6), but there are 19 chapters in the book. I’m not even sure if it’s realistic to expect this done by the end of the year, but I’ll try to set a realistic goal for myself to do at least 6 more chapters or so.

The plug’s is a sad story. There’s a task in our board but I haven’t been allowed to tackle it. Simple as that. I need to find time on my own to actually push on this goal.

Personal OKRs

O3. Improve Estonian

I haven’t been very constant but I’m happy with where I’ve gotten. I’ll pace it better next quarter.

O4. Improve running stats

I could’ve been more ambitious with this OKR, but I’m very happy with it. I’ll see what I can get done with the next one, when the weather will start to get rough.