What’s happening right now, as of March 26, 2021.


I’ve been working in Glia for 11 months already. I’m still very happy.

My life-long journey to becoming a good engineer is currently focused on feature leading and evangelism.

I’ll be leading the second milestone in a SAML-related project which is both challenging and extremely interesting. I’m very excited about it and humbled by the fact I’m allowed to experiment with this role. This is happening in Q2!

On the side of evangelism, I just finished a first blog post on my initial experience with Elixir, about to get published. In the longer run, I intend to write more technical articles, attend conferences and speak about interesting projects, but that’s still far on the horizon.


I’m back running! Temperatures are improving and the sun is shining and record-smashing season is officially opened 🎉

COVID-19 Pandemic

The situation with the COVID-19 is still rather bad. I haven’t been in the office since last November or so. Estonia is facing the highest infection rate ever since the start of the pandemic, and one of the most severe in Europe. Vaccinations proceed slowly. I hope I’ll get my shot(s) by mid-Summer. I’m not going to bars or restaurants, just walking around. I plan to visit Italy, but not sure how soon.


Bonus: I have a TinyCat page

Me (a.k.a. The Mug)

This is a recent picture of me:

Me (2021-03-07 15:48)


I credit Derek Sivers for the idea of the Now page.