This page’s job is to give a list of personal projects and of contributions to Free/Libre Open Source (F/LOSS) ones. For some time I’ve blamed myself that I didn’t spend any time on the former, and not enough on the latter.

“I should do more personal projects”, I used to say.

While I can’t exclude that to become a reality in the future, right now I don’t do any of that. And I’ve stopped blaming myself.

Some time ago I’ve decided to focus entirely on my job. If I ever get to start something, it will always be with the intent of improving my work life and my coworkers’.

I have contributed a bit to F/LOSS projects in the past. My goal was to become part of a community, honing my engineering and communication skills, learning new ones, and teaching.

Contributions as an employee

My first Elixir package went live in February 2021.

In June 2019 I spent roughly 20% of my working time to work on FOSS. My main focus was on Superset.

Superset & ecosystem

Approved & merged:


Personal F/LOSS Contributions


I have contributed by creating some problems for the Racket track in exercism:


RethinkDB is a NoSQL database engine written in C++. I wanted to get my feet wet contributing to a big C++ project, but lost my interest after the first contribution.


For a brief period (circa one year, in 2013) I have contributed to the Debian operating system by maintaining a very small package, cil.

Cil is a text-based issue tracker written in Perl.